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DOT medical examinations are a specialized service that is best performed by an occupation health professional. A sound understanding of the regulations put forth by the DOT is absolutely essential in performing the physical. While most doctors are excellent medical practitioners, their working knowledge of these regulations is often limited and while research may be helpful, completing the physical in full compliance with the DOT is difficult at best.

For these reasons, we welcome you to Western New York Occupational Medicine for your DOT physical. It is not intended to replace or supercede the care you receive from your primary medical doctor. In fact, we may require notes from your doctor in order to satisfy the DOT requirements. Our services are intended to provide a service that will hopefully result in the issuance of a DOT Medical Certificate so that you may pursue your career as a commercial driver.

Medical Examination

As part of your medical examination, you will have your eyes checked to make certain your vision is adequate to operate a commercial motor vehicle on the road. If you have glasses, you will need to bring them to the exam even if you think you can pass the test without them. Your hearing will also be checked. If you have hearing aids, you need to bring them even if you feel you hear well enough to pass the exam without them. In addition, we will check your blood pressure, pulse, height and weight. We will ask for a urine sample to check for sugar and protein and concentration of your urine.

If you take any prescription or over the counter medications, you will need to list them for us. In addition, you will need to fill out a medical history and tell us about the conditions for which you have had treatment in the past. Our doctor will fully examine you and your history.

By coming prepared for your examination, you improve the chances that you will get a decision on your medical certificate on the day of your visit. But sometimes we will need to ask for additional information from your medical doctor.

If you have a medical condition that requires routine care by a doctor (diabetes, heart trouble, etc.) we may need to ask some questions. This does not mean you will not get a medical certificate.

At times, we may give you a letter to take to your private medical doctor. It is your responsibility to take it to him and get the information back to us. If you need to have testing accomplished by your doctor, you will need to get that done and make certain that copies of reports reach our physician.

WNY Occupational Medicine is happy to work with your doctor to assure that you are fairly and fully evaluated for a DOT Medical. We adhere to regulations that demonstrate our awareness of the physical, mental and social demands placed on drivers of commercial motor vehicles. We have specific guidelines for cardiac, pulmonary, vision, diabetes, neurologic and psychiatric disorders. Our medical ream records their decision about your qualification status on a physical form. When merited, we issue a DOT Medical Certificate which you should keep with you at all

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