Our Leadership & History

ENH Leadership ~

Board of Directors:

Eastern Niagara Hospital is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors consisting of the following individuals from the community:

Christopher E. Beney, MD

Janice Errick, MD

James E. Ferington, DDS

David E. Godfrey

Martin R. Horanburg

Anne McCaffrey

Ann Briody Petock, Chair

Christopher Schwarz, MD

Steven Sinclair

D. Michael Slate, MD

Jennifer Stoll

Margaret Thompson


Administration  -   (716) 514-5501

The Hospital's Administration includes:

Anne McCaffrey, President & Chief Executive Officer

D. Michael Slate, M.D., Medical Director

Maralyn Militello, Chief Nursing Officer

Mark Kercher, CPA, Interim Chief Financial Officer

Patricia Uldrich, Assistant Administrator for Quality Assurance

Laurie Haight, Quality Assurance Director

Joseph Giansante, Director of Human Resources

Patricia Kingston-Brandt, Director of Community Relations




Our History ~

The rich history and humble beginnings of Eastern Niagara Hospital recognizes the significant accomplishments of community volunteers and local physicians. Eastern Niagara Hospital has experienced many changes in the delivery of health care including advancements in medicine and medical technology, enhancements in patient care, as well as improvements in the structural facilities.  The community can take pride in this heritage and look forward to continued strength and viability for a progressive health care system.

Lockport Site ~ Opened in 1908:

In 1905 the Ladies Hospital Aid Association raised $5,000 for the building of a Hospital in the Lockport community. This amount was matched by the City of Lockport. The Hospital charter was signed on April 20, 1908 and the officers of the Ladies Hospital Aid Association became members of the first board of managers. Lockport City Hospital, as it was first known, opened on July 1, 1908 with accommodations for 18 patients. The Hospital Guild continues today as an advocacy and fundraising organization dedicated exclusively to supporting the mission of the Hospital.

Major building or renovation projects followed from 1938-1983. In 1959 the Hospital name was changed to Lockport Memorial Hospital by the Lockport Common Council. In 1979, ownership of LMH was transferred to a not-for-profit corporation with a community driven Board of Directors.

LMH and ICMH Partner to Meet the Health Care Industry's Challenges

In a strategic and unprecedented effort to meet the challenges of the health care industry, the Boards of Directors of Inter-Community Memorial Hospital in Newfane and Lockport Memorial Hospital made the decision to effect a legal affiliation between the two health care providers in 1999. Together, the Eastern Niagara Health System resulted.

In 2009, following the recommendation of the Berger Commission, the Hospitals completed a full asset merger. Eastern Niagara Hospital was established as a result of the merger. The Hospital now operates its main acute care hospital in the City of Lockport, as well as an outpatient facility and ambulatory surgery center (Niagara Regional Surgery Center) in the town of Lockport. This merger was the next logical step in the partnership which created a streamlined governance, further financial economies of scale and strengthened the entire Eastern Niagara Health System's ability to meet the community's health care needs well into the future.