Memorial and Tribute Gifts Help Others

Serving the health care needs of individuals and families in Eastern Niagara County is a tradition of Eastern Niagara Hospital. Caring people have supported the work of our Hospital by contributing to the Memorial & Tribute Fund. Every gift assists the Hospital in keeping pace with the need to update and enhance equipment, technology and services for patients and the community.

Memorial Giving ~
Charitable giving can be a special tradition for many families. Giving for the benefit of others can be an exceptional way to reaffirm the values and priorities we share with our loved ones. One way to remember our family members and friends who have lived before us is through memorial gifts. These donations represent a heartfelt way to honor the cherished memory of others, while furthering the goals that enhance our quality of life.

Those who make gifts in honor of others enjoy knowing that their contributions are a living memorial to a loved one?s life. Supporting causes that were important to someone special can be a meaningful way to assure that his or her values continue on in our community.

Tribute Gifts ~
Gifts made in honor of loved ones for celebrations such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, a birth of a child or grandchild, or on a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation or other special occasion can also be genuine reminders to family members and friends of how much you care. If you sometimes have trouble finding the perfect gift for someone, a donation in his or her honor that gives back to others can be a loving and appreciated gesture.

Unless otherwise designated or noted as site specific, all donations received will go into the Eastern Niagara Hospital Development Fund and be utilized for the purchase of state-of-the-art medical equipment or to make renovations to facilities so that the Hospital may better meet the community's health care needs.

Gifts of Cash ~
Contributions by check or cash are the most popular methods of making memorial gifts. Such donations are convenient and tax deductible within limits if you itemize your deductions. These donations may be mailed to:

Eastern Niagara Hospital
Community Relations & Development Department
521 East Avenue ~ Lockport, NY 14094

Other Resources ~ Memorial gifts may also be funded with assets such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds that have increased in value during the time you have owned them. Donating these items may bring additional tax savings, including regular taxes and capital gains tax.

Special rules may apply for donations of real estate and other types of property. Please consult with your financial advisors and accountant before making a donation of property, stock, bonds, etc. to assure that the transaction is completed properly.

Providing for Future Gifts ~
Estate and long-range financial planning can be a thoughtful way to provide for tribute and memorial gifts in honor of others, as well as leaving a legacy for the future. If a loved one has predeceased you, you may want to consider making a charitable gift in the amount you would have otherwise left that individual. The inheritance and the memory will live on in a meaningful manner in serving the health care needs of others. Other opportunities for establishing a living legacy include wills, living trusts, charitable remainder trusts, life insurance and retirement plans.

Giving A Specific Amount or Percentage ~ You may wish to leave a specific amount as a legacy in tribute to or in memory of a loved one or designate a percentage of your estate.

A Charitable Gift of Remaining Assets ~
Many memorial gifts are given from the assets that remain after first providing for family and friends. Creating a gift of the residual of your estate, or "what is left," can be a convenient way to make gifts in memory of others while first assuring the economic well-being of loved ones.

For Federal tax purposes, there is no limit on amounts that can be removed from your taxable estate through charitable gifts. This can be an excellent way to provide substantial gift and estate tax savings for your heirs. Some gift plans also feature current tax benefits, income and other welcome advantages.

Acknowledging Your Gift ~
All gifts and donations will be acknowledged with a specific card to the donor. Cards are also sent to the person(s) or family specified in the memorial or tribute gift without mention of the amount. We also respect the privacy of donors who choose to remain anonymous.

For More Information ~
If you have questions or would like more information about donating to Eastern Niagara Hosptial, please contact the: Director of Development & Community Relations Eastern Niagara Hospital (716) 514-5505.