Express Care




Convenient, affordable, comprehensive, quality care provided by ENH physicians at 5875 S. Transit Road in Lockport.

No appointments necessary. Walk-in medical care for non-emergent illnesses and minor injuries when family physicians are unavailable.

Lockport Express Care Hours

Open Daily 9 am – 7 p.m.


The physicians and staff of Eastern Niagara Hospital’s Express Care welcome patients of all ages.  Our emphasis is on minor medical urgencies that do not necessitate a visit to the Emergency Department.  If you need emergency medical care (chest pains, potential stroke, severe abdominal pains, etc.) please go directly to the Hospital’s Emergency Department.




Patients frequently come to ENH Express Care for the following:     



§      Flu or Colds

§      Sore throats

§      Ear infections

§      Respiratory illness, pneumonia, bronchitis

§      Vomiting, Diarrhea

§      Allergies, asthma

§      Dehydration

§      Nose bleeds

§      Minor eye disorders

§      Headaches

§      Urinary tract infections

§      Gynecologic or genitourinary problems



§      Cuts and lacerations

§      Broken bones, fractures

§      Sprains

§      Insect or animal bites

§      Poison Ivy or other rashes

§      Burns


 Express Care offers the following Diagnostic Tests:

§      X-rays

§      HIV, STD testing

§      EKG

§      Drug screening

§      Pregnancy testing


Laboratory Services:

§      Complete blood count

§      Complete metabolic panel

§      Rapid Strep

§      Mono Screen

§      Glucose PT/INR occult blood


 * The lists above are not complete. They serve as examples of some of the most common services provided at this facility



Do you have COVID-19 symptoms?

ENH Express Care is also offering the RAPID COVID TEST for any patient who is experiencing COVID symptoms. Rapid results in about 15 minutes. 

NO appointment required.

You will need to be seen through Express Care and after examination the provider will determine appropriate testing.

A confirmatory PCR test will be performed if provider deems necessary with results in approximately 48-72 hours.

Upon arrival at Express Care, please call 716-514-5507 to notify us of your arrival and the screener will sign you in. Please wait in your car until you receive further instructions.