Eastern Niagara Hospitalís Family Medicine Residency Program

Eastern Niagara Hospital’s newly established Osteopathic Family Medicine Residency Program, sponsored by the Lake Erie Consortium for Osteopathic Medical Training (LECOMT), is in its third year of operation. Eastern Niagara Hospital (ENH), is the major health care provider for eastern Niagara County, New York. The Hospital’s combined Medical Staff has over 190 total practitioners (including about 100 active staff) who assist residents by sharing their expertise and mentoring residents in their respective specialties.

ENH operates an ambulatory surgery center, two urgent care centers, and an array of outpatient services throughout the region. Recently, the Hospital affiliated with the Kaleida Health System. This partnership provides physicians and with further access to tertiary services and support from renowned facilities, such as the Gates Vascular Institute, Erie County Medical Center, and the Oishei Children’s Hospital of Buffalo.

A Note from Our Director

photo of John Dyster, MDEastern Niagara Hospital’s Family Practice Residency Program is entering its third year of training. At the present time there are twelve residents. The program’s vision is to give residents a model of care that reflects compassion, excellence in medical intervention, and patient safety in providing the best patient care, while teaching the residents a way to improve their own quality of life. This vision is being met by the faculty’s and residents’ cooperative commitment in building a program reflecting upon its accomplishments and ready to meet the challenges of a young program.

As a resident, we want you to be dedicated to your own growth in the areas of: medical education, patient care, professionalism, and self-understanding in order to best meet the needs of your patients.

The support of Eastern Niagara Hospital created this residency program and its dedication to the growth of the program gives impetus for new horizons to be opened up to the residents. This dedication is witnessed in the new clinic the hospital is establishing for the residency program in the community and the ongoing faculty recruitment facilitating the growth of this program.

If you wish to be considered as participant in our innovative program please contact us by calling the Graduate Medical Education Department at (716) 514-5644.


John Dyster, MD
Program Director


Meet Other Members of Our Faculty & Program

photo of Nicholas Varallo, MD       photo of Sandra Yale, DO

Nicholas Varallo, MD
Director, Graduate Medical Ed.




Sandra Yale, DO


Residents complete rotations through numerous specialties, while being mentored by members of the Hospital’s Medical Staff. Residents also provide services at a clinic, the Eastern Niagara Medical Group, located in the local community.

Inpatient Hospital 20 weeks   Inpatient Hospital 16 weeks
Cardiology 4 weeks   Surgery 4 weeks
Ob/GYN 4 weeks   Electives 4 weeks
Emergency Medicine 4 weeks   Community Medicine 2 weeks
Outpatient Pediatrics 4 weeks   Emergency Medicine 4 weeks
Surgery 4 weeks   OB/GYN 4 weeks
ICU 4 weeks   Outpatient Pediatrics 4 weeks
Pulmonology 2 weeks   Office Based Medicine 4 weeks
Sports Medicine 2 weeks   Anesthesia 2 weeks
Research 2 weeks   Vacation 4 weeks
Vacation 4 weeks      
Inpatient Hospital 8 weeks      
Electives 16 weeks      
OB/GYN 4 weeks      
Geriatrics 4 weeks      
Pediatrics ER 4 weeks      
Practice Management 4 weeks      
Inpatient Pediatrics 4 weeks      
GYN 4 weeks      
Sports Medicine 2 weeks      
Vacation 4 weeks      


For more information, call ENH’s Graduate Medical Education Department at (716) 514-5644.